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how to care puppy in Winter

Into the cold winter, martina puppies have weak digestive ability is poor, body temperature adjustment function is not perfect and physiology characteristic, death is caused extremely easily. So, do the puppy's feeding and management in winter is very important.

Autumn is a dog rut, mating, the breeding season, the bitch pregnancy average for 60 days, gave the small dog is general into cold winter, for puppies have weak digestive ability, poor, body temperature adjustment function is not perfect and physiology characteristic, death is caused extremely easily. So, do the puppy's feeding and management in winter is very important.

A warm, cold

Winter temperature should be kept in the kennel in 13 to 15 ℃ between, if the temperature is too low, and give the dog in heat will be increased, and strengthen the dogs have to use more body metabolism, energy to maintain body temperature, the energy consumption also increased while the dogs feed intake, improve the keeping costs. In addition, puppies not hardy, low temperature easy to cause the puppies freezing, so the key is do well in the winter puppies thermal insulation. Specific mention measures are as follows:

1, the door of the kennel will hang with grass, the window to use plastic seal. Puppies can also modeled after up plastic canopy methods to keep warm, and also blocked to prevent cracks in walls, ZeiFeng to invade.

2, the conditions can adopt the following measures, such as infrared heating lamp, wall built between, general should configure threshold in dog bed, bed mat have felt, soft grass, and frequently change frequently, sun dry.

3, puppy to can not only help to warm puppy in the sun, and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine and sterilizing effect, and the absorption of calcium can also puppies, be helpful for puppies bone growth and development, prevent puppies happen rickets. Therefore, RiNuan sunny, want to let puppies sunshine, strengthening the movement to enhance the physique, improve the disease resistance.

Second, puppies raising management winter

1, do well "two maintain, three transition" : "two maintain" refers to maintain in the original circle, breeding and maintain the original feed up raising; "Three transition" refers to feed, raising system and environmental transition.

(1), feed excessive: puppies after weaning 1 week or so, still and lactation feed formula for the same material, and then gradually transition to 2 weeks or so after weaning, can feed to puppies.

(2), feeding system transition: stable life system can promote the growth and development of puppies, reduce the happening of the disease. The puppy's feed appropriate is fine, timing feeding, little more than a quantitative feed meal, every eat only 7 to feed into full, in order to keep the puppies exuberant appetite and digestion ability.

(3), environment excessive: puppies after weaning still use the original circle breeding, not victims unfitting circle, not mixed group of and nests, will the bitch out of the can. So, a few days later can adapt to the puppy. Then according to the size of puppies, strong or weak, with meat, such as raising puppies group-dividing, 3 ~ 5 days can adapt to the new environment.

2, training "at 3 o 'clock position" : 3 o 'clock positioning refers to food and drinking water place fixed; Sleeping place fixed; Row of feces fixed location. Raising the personnel should be food, drinking gear in the fixed place, do not often exchange the position. Puppies into the new fold, first slept place is very important, that the most security after the puppies, can be in this place to sleep. So, to enter new fold the first night the puppies to shut in sleep or tied to the designated place, 3 ~ 5 days after general puppies to place to sleep can be fixed down. If puppies defecate, management personnel can everywhere will waste collected and piled up in the designated place. So, general 3 ~ 5 days, puppies will in this anchors defecate.

Three, drive bug preventing

Winter is a dog infectious diseases, especially of the multiple season distemper and canine parvovirus disease harm such as the puppy's prone to disease, in order to prevent the occurrence and spread of the disease, should be well drive bug and food slot, utensils and kennel and environmental disinfection job, to eliminate the cause, cut off the transmission way, strengthen the dog's body resistance. Puppies drive bug general in the 20 ~ 25 day age, every month after 1 time, drive bug after the dog dung and insect body to focus on stacking fermentation processing, in order to avoid pollution of the environment and infect other dogs. Every day one clear water. Food slot, cistern weekly a but boil disinfection, 20 minutes, also can use 0.1% of the new jie destroy solution for 20 minutes or with 2 to 4% of the caustic soda water soaking liquid and, finally, rinse it.
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