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stylish so likely of dogs


Introducing the winter collection of colourful dog clothes

The Artsydog shops are gearing up for the fall/winter season with some fabulous new timely additions. One such shop is The Doggie Market, their new line of dog apparelintroduces some adorable dog sweaters, funky dog bandanas, warm quilted dog jackets and adorable dog dresses for those special holiday occasions.

All dog clothes are custom made in a variety of sizes,view the collection:

How to Best Clothe your Dog

The latest fashion craze and trends are not only concentrated on humans but also on dogs. More and more dog owner are buying dog clothes for their canine friends. This trend is catching on first and has brought about the increase of these clothes into the market. A lot has been said about this but to echo the sentiments of most people it has been said that dog owners enjoy this more than their pets.

There are different breeds of dogs and they may react different to being dressed up. One such breed is the pug which is known to be quite cooperative when being dressed up by their owners. With this said it is important for a dog owner to carefully watch for the reaction of their dog before dressing them. Some dogs will actually run of whenever you remove their dog clothes, this is a clear indication that they are not for the idea.

Pugs have usually very comical and are known to try almost anything at least once. The cold season is one of the best times to introduce your dog to wearing dog clothes. During such a time a sweater would be most appropriate as it would help to keep it warm. When it comes to summer one has to take extra precaution on the type of clothing they select for their dogs no matter how beautiful they look in order to avoid a scenario where your dog overheats. The best to know whether your dog is overheating is when it begins to pant in a very rapid manner. This is the only way through which dogs release their body temperature, when overdressed they will then being to struggle to control their temperature.

When out shopping for your dog you have to place its safety as your first priority. Choose the perfect size of clothing, one which is not too big causing it to trip or one which is too small and uncomfortable bringing it to near suffocation. Buying your dog beautiful clothes and dressing it up is a good thing, however it is very important to make sure this action does not endanger the life or health of your dog. Dog outfit fashion designers have the interest of dogs at hand and have therefore come up with numerous safe outfits for different occasions and seasons. During the holidays you can also include your dog in the fun and the holiday spirit as you dress them accordingly. They will surely enjoy being the center of attention.

It is not within the normal behavior of a dog to dress up. However just like most other activities you can train your dog and have them adapt well to this habit. The best time to start your dog on this is when it is still a puppy. This will allow it to steadily grow and adapt into it. When all is said and done, one has to be careful not to force this on their dog especially when they adamantly refuse to adapt to it.

How to Select Dog Clothes

Having a funny and adorable dog is a very pleasant thing. There are many things we can do with our beloved dog, play together, take walking path, can even dress our dogs in clothes that fit with our dog and it would be nice for us.

Some dog clothes can really benefit pets, keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But it is important that you do not ever make fun or ridicule your dog while the dog animals wearing clothes. They may believe that they have done something wrong, and will become resistant to be dressed. So what should you look for when buying dog clothes?

Features Consider When Buying Dog Clothes
• Materials
• Size
• Color
• Resilience
• Security
• washable
• Style
• Design

Desirable feature in Dog Clothes
• Easy to use
• Comfortable for pets
• Interest
• can be washed / won ‘t shrink
• Color stable
• Does not show the dirt – for dogs who like to roll in the mud

You’ll want to choose a dog clothes made of sturdy, lightweight fabric easy to clean. Check the care label carefully and make sure you buy a dog clothes will not shrink, fade or wearing excessively in a normal wash. Check sewing stitches and the quality and durability.

Design, color and style of your dress-up dog your dog may not be expressing a preference. Hat, sunglasses, shirts and more can add color, fun and style your dog walk next. Even the dog clothes are designed for safety, such as reflector vests and rain gear, can be styled as dog clothing color coordinated with your dog’s coat.

Make sure the dog clothes fit comfortably, without rubbing or blisters, especially in sensitive areas such as the stomach and under arms. Unless your dog is wearing a ‘diaper’ is recommended by veterinarians for intestinal problems or bladder, dog clothes have to stop at the rib cage, so that your dog is safe without removing soiled clothing.

About Dog Clothes

Furry dogs are as stylish as they come but humans have infectious fantasy world of their own and even dogs take on some of the spirit of their owners and like to wear clean beautiful outfits sometimes. The dog clothes must be easily washable and should not shrink easily. Fabric is very important and if you can sew a little, it can save you much money and come up with better designs and patterns to suit your tastes and your dog's comfort. Avoid using choking hazards to decorate dog clothes such as attractive buttons, sequins or glittering objects that may motivate the togs to chew upon the clothes. Velcro snaps are much better to be used in dog clothes, as they are self-sticking and are quite adjustable to allow for the perfect fit. The clothes should also have a slit or a buckle at the back to allow the leash to be attached to it. The distance between the cuts for the paws should be comfortable for your dog.

Clothes for active dogs and outdoor wear for dogs should be safe and warm. They should be sturdy enough to keep of cuts, scratches and bad weather from affecting your dog while on adventure. Dog garments can be of many types such as dog coats, dog vests and dog booties. They should be able to keep your pooch dry, warm and save it from rain, wind and storm. Latest style of dog clothes may also include reflective materials that make it easy to search the dog and stitching that is not visible on top. Clothes for active dogs are designed especially to keep them from getting scratches and cuts in the woods by the sharp bushes and splintering brambles. Even the long furry dogs may need coats to protect them from chilly winds in cold weather.

The clothes for dogs should have a good fitting. Their coats, vests, boots and hats should not be very tight but should remain securely in place while the dog is on hunt or a hike with you. Rough bushes and elements of weather can be as much a pain in neck as they are to you, so the clothes for outdoors must be sturdy enough to protect them. The type of coat also determines the types of clothes chosen for a dog. Dogs with short hair may suffer more from rain and cold while thick fur may absorb lots of water. Fleece dog clothing is suitable for cold windy days but are not good enough for rain and thorns. For maximum protection, you may choose a dog coat with a warm fleece lining and a durable nylon shell.

A raincoat for a dog can protect him from the rain and cold too. Choose a raincoat with a hat with flaps to cover the ears. A coat that extends to the underside of the dog must have a hole at the rear end to allow the dog to urinate. Thorns and bugs away from the long fur of your canine pal is quite a bonus too. The clothes should allow a full range of motion and should not restrict its motions, especially those of legs. Garments must have clean lines and invisible close stitching that won't get caught easily or may not prompt dog to chew upon. Clothes for particular breeds of dogs are also available at bigger pet stores. They are specially designed to suit their needs and comforts.

Do Dog Clothes Make The Pug?

Dog clothes have become very popular. It’s a pretty safe bet that the dog owners take more pleasure in this area than the dogs. Pugs are fairly cooperative when it comes to getting dressed up for their owner. This obviously depends on the individual dog and, no matter what anyone else says, you know your dog the best. If your Pug runs the other way when you get out “your” favorite outfit, he’s obviously sending you a message.

Pugs, by nature, are quite comical and, in general, will try anything once. On a cold day a little sweater may actually be quite welcome by your furry friend. A word of warning about clothing in the summer for your Pug is appropriate here. Dog clothes are cute but you need to be very careful not to let your Pug “overheat”. This applies not only in the summer but for anytime you want to dress up your pet but he will be staying inside. Remember dogs release their body heat by panting. Your Pug has a less efficient respiratory system because of their head structure. Their flat face (they are called a Brachycephalic breed) inhibits their ability to release heat. Rapid panting is a warning sign that your dog is being stressed in his effort to regulate his temperature. Make sure all clothing is off your dog if he is exhibiting these symptoms.

Safety should be your primary concern in choosing any dog clothes for your Pug. Make sure the clothing is not too big which could cause tripping or becoming tangled in the clothes. Clothing that is too small could also be a problem because it may be too restrictive.

The bottom line is that clothing is something that usually something that makes owners feel better than the Pugs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying an outfit for your dog but safety and health concerns should be the primary concern here. Having said that, there are some rather cute outfits that are available and they are made to be safe. Holidays are great occasions for getting your Pug “dressed to the paws” and, as you know, they love to be the center of attention.

The best way to get your dog to at least tolerate a wardrobe is to get them started early and not to force anything on them. You’ll soon have one of the best dressed dogs in town. For more help on having well trained Pug, be sure to get your Free Pug Training Mini Course!

Holidays are always a great occasion for a little outfit. Dog clothes and photography are a natural combination. Halloween is popular as well as Christmas and New Years. Valentine's Day is also a big favorite. It's not a coincidence that the non-summer holidays are the best. Dressing your Pug up for 4th of July may sound like a good idea but you have to be very careful about the heat. As we said before Pugs are prone to overheating.

You should take some care in how the clothing fits on your dog. Measure your dog and make sure the clothing is not too big to cause tripping or too small to cause breathing or blood flow problems. Generally, you measure the dog from the back of his neck to his tail, around his neck and around the chest just behind his front legs.

It is quite comical to see a Pug strutting around in their Sunday best.Pug strutting around in their Sunday best. The variations on Pug clothing is almost endless. Keep in mind, however, all dogs are different and some won't want any part of clothing but, generally, if it makes the owner happy it will make the Pug happy. Be especially sensitive, however, if your Pug has come from a "rescue" situation. You never know what experiences your dog is bringing with them and some of them can be rather 


A little style of Clothes for your Dogs

 Clothes for Dogs: A Fun Way to Play

If you have small dog that shivers when it gets cold or if you feel like your dog should just look a little trendier, then clothes for dogs is a fun option for you and your furry friend. Pet dog clothes have been around for years and come in a variety of styles and cuts for both small and large dogs.

A collar is often considered to be one of the most basic items of dog clothing. Collars can be found in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You should shop carefully when considering a fashionable collar for your dog, and you should keep its practical uses in mind as well. A collar should fit properly so that it is not too tight or too loose.

A collar should also include some sort of identification tag for your dog. Nonetheless you can still have a lot of fun choosing a collar that best expresses you and your dog’s personality.

In addition to the more traditional collar, many different types of dog clothing exist, such as shirts, coats, hats, shoes, bandanas and otheraccessories. Shirts and coats are very popular, especially for smaller dogs that need the extra warmth when they go outside during the winter months. Even large dogs can benefit from the extra insulation during the winter, and there are many coats for them as well.

Rain jackets protect your pet from the elements on those days that you have to walk outside in the rain. Boots or shoes are another unique touch when it comes to dressing your canine, and they are practical as well because they protect your puppy’s feet from sharp objects.

In addition to more practical clothes, there some items that are made just for fun. Costumes, such as the classic hot dog for your dachshund, are a very popular option. There are many different types of costumes for you to choose from so that your dog can have a very unique look.

If you have a female dog there are many colorful skirts and dresses available for them too. Smaller articles of clothing such as jewelry, caps, and bandannas are useful if you are looking for a splash of color and style during the hotter months.

Whether you choose clothing to protect your dog from the elements or just for fun, they are an entertaining way to play with your puppy. If you like making a bold statement with your own clothes then shouldn’t your dog have the same option? With clothes for dogs, you can both be proud of your stylish looks.

make a clothing for your dog

make a clothing for your dog :))

take your dog measures 

1.cut fabric in this form . this part is for back 

2.than cut fabric in this form . this part is for chest
saw the first part and second part by lines that are shown thicker 

3. and than cut fabric in this form . this part is for neck (this part is optional ) 

4. put velcro on spots A , B, C , D , EF .
you will get something like this.
AND YOUR DOG HAS CLOTHING NOW ....I hope you understand all steps (english is not my first language). :)) 

Power by xinh xinh