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Dog Daily Water Requirement


dogs requirement of water (ml/day) = (70 (body weight in kg)0.75) x 1.6

As a general guideline, the daily water requirement of dogs and cats, expressed in ml/day, is roughly equivalent to the daily energy requirement (DER) in kcal/day (for dogs 1.6 x resting energy requirement [RER], for cats 1.2 x RER).


What is the daily water requirement of a 24 pound cocker spaniel?

24 pounds converted to kilograms (24 divided by 2.2) is 10.91 kg

(70(10.91)0.75) x 1.6

70(6) x 1.6

420 x 1.6 = 672 ml


672 ml = (672 / 236.6) 2.84 cups or 2 cups & (0.84 x 8) 6.72 ounces

General Rule

I hope you found this page interesting and informational. Although, a dog's water requirements are dynamic and very day to day. ALWAYS PROVIDE YOUR DOG WITH CLEAN FRESH WATER unless your vet specifies otherwise. Your dog is the best judge of how much water he needs. Just keep that bowl full :)
Water Requirements for American and English Cocker Spaniels

If your cocker spaniel meets the breed standard for weight, see below but don't forget the general rule:
American CockerEnglish Cocker
24-28 pounds26-34 pounds
672-755 ml714-873 ml

For Dogs at Risk for Kidney Stones

  • Ensure multiple bowls of fresh water are available in prominent locations in the dog's environment. This may mean providing several bowls outside as well as inside including each level of the home.
  • Add small amounts of flavoring (e.g. salt-free bouillon) to make water more palatable.
  • Offer ice cubes as treats.
  • Use canned dog food to help prevent concentrated urine.
  • If dry food is used, add liberal amounts of water.


This seems like a lot of water but don't forget your pet gets water from his food as well. Dry foods contain around 8% water while canned food contains about 75% water. I've search several sources on their recommendation with varying results. Information by the Canadian government suggests dogs should have 80 ml of water /kg of body weight. Veterinarian, Janet Tobiassen Crosby recommends dogs and cats should have 30 ml of water per pound of body weight which comes close to the formula on this page.

I've never really paid attention to how much my cocker Gabby drinks. His bowl holds 2.5 cups of water. It seldom goes empty but then again we're always filling it with fresh water. He's a fat boy at 36 pounds so he should need about 4 cups of water a day.
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