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Older Dogs

Old age comes at different times for different breeds of dogs and different individual dogs. In general smaller breeds have a higher life expectancy than larger breeds. A strong, healthy dog will probably age later. Evidence also suggests that dogs that are spayed or neutered before six months of age ordinarily live longer than dogs that are kept intact.

Regular checkups are a must for older dogs. In addition to annual vaccinations and checkups, talk to your veterinarian about special geriatric screenings for your dog.
As your dog ages there are changes that you need to be aware of so that you can adapt their lifestyle to make their lives as happy and healthy as possible.

Common Causes of Dog Poisoning

Thousands of dogs (and cats) needlessly suffer and many die each year by accidental ingestion of household poisons. Dogs may have access to poisons both inside and outside of the home. Some of these include plants, foods, herbicides, pesticides, mouse poisons, medications, metals, and cleaning supplies.

Dogs with Black Spots Tongues

Black spots on your dogs tongue are simply birthmarks making him extra unique!

The Chow Chow is well renowned for it’s unique blue/black tongue. The Chow Chow is one of the most ancient breeds and many breeds today originate from it. However we still don’t know the true reason of how and why the Chow Chow has this blue/black tongue feature. The Chinese Shar-Pei also shares this feature as well as some other animals such as the Polar Bear, Giraffe and some breeds of cattle.

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