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Dog and lips

Do dog have a lop?

Yes, dogs have lips..........

Interesting question! Something I never thought about........when I read it I definiteloy thought they did, but this confirms my belief.

You just made me check my dogs's lips! My Border Collie mix has black lips, while my yellow Lab/Shepherd mix and my English Setter mix have mottled lips! Never even knew! You learn something every day :-)

1. Why do dogs have black lips?
Patti: According to veterinarian Dr. Peter Ihrke, the black color helps protect them from being damaged by solar radiation. Since they don’t have as much hair around their mouths as they do the rest of their body, the black pigment in their lips is important to keep their mouths from being burned and dried out by the sun’s rays. Other vets , also members of the American Veterinarian Association, say that the black pigment is dominate over all gene colors. But not all dogs have black lips. Some have light colored lips. A Chow Chow for example has bluish lips while other breeds may have a mottled mouth that is both light and black. But by far the black lips are the most common.
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