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Dog : Which Indoor Potty Option Should You Choose?

Which Indoor Potty Option Should You Choose?There are many different choices for indoor potty areas. The old stand-by is newspapers, but there are now also products designed specifically for dogs, including potty pads, dog litter boxes and turf pads. In this article we list some pros and cons to help you choose the best option for you and your dog.



Great for people who read a lot of newspapers and don't know what to do with themCheap, especially if you start gathering newspapers from your friends and family (after they've read them, not off the front lawn before the sun comes up!)
If Fido can read, he'll have something to do while you're gone

The paper will absorb moisture, but once it's wet, urine or diarrhea can soak through to your floors
Because newspaper isn't as absorbent as commercial potty pads, you may have some dripping and a messier clean up
Newsprint can get on Fido's paws and he'll leave little inkprints around the house
Fido may enjoy shredding the papers more than going potty on them
Fido may miss his target and go right off the edge of the papers

Potty Pads


Very absorbent
Lined with plastic to prevent moisture from reaching your floors
Available at any pet store
Some brands are treated with an attractant scent that may prompt Fido to potty in the right area
Easy clean up


Fido may find that it's fun to shred them into a million little pieces... so much for the easy clean up!
Plastic backing may slide on some surfaces and the pad may end up on the other side of the room
Fido may miss his target and go right off the edge of his papers

NOTE: If you choose to use newspapers or potty pads, you may increase your chances of success by putting them in a tray with a low edge rather than just putting them directly on the floor. This will prevent them from moving and will make the distinction between the floor and the potty area clearer for Fido. Using a tray can also help to prevent the common problem of Fido standing with his front paws on the paper, thinking he's being a good boy, while his back end is off the paper making a mess on the floor. Wizdog, LLC sells a nice tray that may work better than wee wee pads alone. You can also order a plastic tray (that generally comes with a wire crate) to use for this purpose.

Litter Box


The raised sides of a litter box create a clearly defined area, not just
something laying flat on the floor so Fido is less likely to miss his target
Easy clean up
Multiple litter options
Available at any pet store


Fido might think the litter is a snack food
If Fido is skittish, he may be nervous about going into the box
Fido may be offended and think you're treating him like a cat

Turf or Sod Pad


Available with replaceable sod (real grass) or turf (artificial grass)
Fido can easily distinguish the texture of the turf from your floors
Pad is heavy and cannot be moved unless Fido is very strong and very determined
Works well for dogs that were previously trained to potty outside but now need to learn indoor potty training.
A good choice for dogs who will be trained to go both indoors and outdoors
Some suppliers offer weekly service including clean up, grass replacement and disposal of old grass


If not properly cleaned, turf can get stinky
Fido may destroy the turf by digging or chewing
Not readily available at most pet stores
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