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Dog's Pain Medications

Analgesics are drugs used to relieve pain. There are many classes of painkillers. Demerol, morphine, codeine, and other narcotics are subject to federal regulation and cannot be purchased without a prescription.

Buffered or enteric-coated aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is an over-the-counter analgesic that is reasonably safe for a short time for home veterinary care in the recommended dosage for dogs. (Aspirin has a very low margin of safety for cats and should not be used.) Buffered or enteric-coated aspirin is much safer than regular aspirin because it is less likely to cause stomach and duodenal ulcers.

9 important Tips to Keep Your dog always Healthy

Think you've got your pup all figured out? Not so fast, if you believe any of these nine common myths about dogs.

Myth No. 1: A warm, dry nose signals a fever.
The temperature and moistness of your dog's nose has nothing to do with his health, says veterinarian Suzanne Hunter, DVM.

Sad photo of baby dogs

cute baby dog with circle eye image

Cute puppy dog with long ear and he is very naughty

The baby dog very lovely and likely with long ear and pretty the fuzz with white and black color, he is so naughty when bite the belt. So beautifull photos

Sad dog with shiny golden color photo

Sad dog pictures with shiny golden color , he is so lovely .
This dog is standing alone under the frozen snow, snow covered in beautiful plumage

Cute little dog with green shirt and circle eye Image

this photo about a puupy dog very likely and lovely with a green shirt and circle eye, he is standing in a rattan basket.

Ways to Green Your dog

We asked our Facebook fans, “Do you take any earth-friendly steps to help reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint?” Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite answers:

1. Prevent pet overpopulation

“Spay or neuter!” says Leslie H., and we agree. All pets have some environmental impact, but spaying and neutering keeps the pet population in check (and unwanted litters out of shelters).

Dog Friendly Decor

Housekeeping is a casual affair for some–a little hair here or a stain there is of no major importance. Others are more fastidious. While adopting a shelter dog can turn your house into a home, without some forethought regarding home decor, a dog could turn your showplace home into something less. The following tips will enable you to have both a loving canine and a well-appointed home.

Crate Training dogs and this Benefits


A king has his castle, a child yearns for his own room, an infant is placed in a crib or playpen for safekeeping. Don’t our young canine friends deserve the very same consideration for their well-being when we are gone?

Adoption Checklist for the Dogs


Congratulations on deciding to adopt a dog! You are embarking on a wonderful and rewarding relationship. Because adopting a new dog comes with a lot of change for both dog and dog parent, we’ve compiled a checklist to help make the transition as smooth as possible.
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